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Mortgage Reduction Program

sticky-mortgageAustralians have long had a love affair with residential property. Our desire stems  from its inbuilt security, giving us one of the highest per capita homeownership levels in the world, which is why property is a must- have asset and history has shown that over the long term, an investment in residential real estate has provided excellent returns.

Yet why is it that most Australians disregard the opportunity to purchase an additional residential property? Perhaps they feel unsure about their family to support an extra mortgage and then again, who needs the hassle associated with a rental property?

Whilst it is true that not everybody has the same physical and mental attributes, we all have the same opportunity to do certain things that will make our futures either better or worse. Most people enjoy the idea of being able to take control of their financial future and make life a little more enjoyable. No matter what your goal in life, whether it’s personal, professional or financial, we all have an individual goal to succeed, but most of us don’t know how!

The Mortgage reduction Strategy Program has been designed simply to help you evaluate your current situation and determine the most effective way to achieve your future goals and ambitions.

5 Steps to Financial Freedom

Step 1         Evaluate personal circumstances

Step 2         Goal setting + eligibility into program

Step 3         Determine investment opportunities

Step 4         Minimise personal debts

Step 5         Create wealth through property investment

If you would like further information on this wealth building strategy, please contact the team at PT Property on (02) 9891 1544.